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Outstanding Research Achievements

Among the most prestigious achievements of UMCS scholars is the “Maria Curie” Award - awarded for exceptionally important individual or collective scientific achievements and discoveries in a particular discipline.

The “Maria Curie” Award for 2012 went to the research team of the UMCS Biology and Biotechnology Faculty: Prof. Janusz Szczodrak, Dr Hab. Małgorzata Pleszczyńska, and Dr Adrian Wiater, for developing the industrial technology of mutanase production – a unique enzyme effective against dental caries.

The “Maria Curie” Award for 2011 was granted to the research team headed by Prof. Dr. Hab. Jerzy Bartmiński, UMCS Faculty of Humanities, for the publication “Lubelskie [Lublin Region]” as part of the series “Polska Pieśń i Muzyka Ludowa. Źródła i Materiały [Polish Folk Songs and Music. Sources and Materials]”.

The “Maria Curie” Award for 2010 was conferred upon the Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences research team for their groundbreaking research work on a malaria vaccine. The team consisted of Prof. Dr Hab. Nikodem Grankowski, Dr Hab. Marek Tchórzewski, UMCS Associate Professor, Dr Hab. Agnieszka Szuster-Ciesielska, UMCS Associate Professor, Dr Dawid Krokowski, UMCS Associate Professor, and Leszek Wawiórka, MSc.

UMCS researchers and academics take excellent advantage of the European Council Framework Programme, which subsidizes international cooperation networks, and research conducted by international research teams. The best example is Dr Hab. Andrzej Machocki, Faculty of Chemistry, who is participating, together with his team, in another international 7th FP project concerning the development of an innovative fuel cell at a reasonable price, this solution being likely to revolutionize not only the European but also the American market. Dr Paweł Mergo and his Optic-Fiber Technologies Laboratory team of the same Faculty is taking part in the work of another international undertaking using advanced technologies. The new initiatives on the market, e.g. the Polish-Norwegian Research Cooperation, alsobring interesting projectsinitiated by UMCS scholars. Prof. Zofia Kawczyńska-Butrym, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology, is the head of UMCS first Polish-Norwegian project on women’s migration. We can also boast of achievements under the Polish-Swiss Research Cooperation Programme: at the Biology and BiotechnologyFacultyProf. Jerzy Rogalski conducts, in partnership with the University of Warsaw and the University of Zurich, a project concerning new, nanostructured lipid systems – mesophases, while Prof. Patryk Oleszczuk, Faculty of Chemistry, coordinates a project on pollution, and one on soil quality improvement and on crop production in partnership with the Agroscope Reckenholz-Tänikon Research Station ART.

Especially worth noting are successes and awards granted to students, doctoral students, and young scientists, such as participation in the Programmes Diamond Grant, Top 500 Innovators or their first independent projects and internships owing to the programmes Preludium, Etiuda and Fuga. Under the Preludium programme, 11 doctoral students at UMCS are currently conducting their own research projects; two Institute of Physics students obtained doctoral scholarships through the “Etiuda” competition. Our University is also the place chosen by the academic staff from other universities to spend postdoctoral internships owing to the “Fuga” competition.

We should name the UMCS winners of the prestigious Ministry of Science and Higher Education programme Top 500 Innovators: Dr Hab. Anna Jarosz-Wilkołazka, Dr Oksana Yastrubchak, Dr Hab. Agnieszka Szuster-Ciesielska, Dr Waldemar Kociuba, Dr Mariusz Barczak, and Dr Olech Demchuk. The Programme participants are young scientists who have outstanding achievements in sciences and a high innovation potential, being also oriented towards the commercialization of research results.

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