On-campus accommodation

UMCS is proud to offer nine dormitories located in a close proximity to the city centre (2600 vacancies in total) in different standard levels.

We offer single, double and triple rooms. Each dormitory has a common room, a TV room, a laundry and quiet study rooms. [There is only a limited number of single rooms and they are usually reserved for students with disabilities or single parents.]

Each room has access to the Internet. Moreover, the university offers additional rooms for part-time and extramural students coming to Lublin for a few nights a month.

Dormitories provide also hospitality services and offer rooms for individuals and companies interested in accommodation in Lublin.

2017/18 housing applications for new students 

The next round of housing applications for newly admitted international students will be held between 1st and 20th August 2017.

Dormitory name Room type Price per person per month
(in Polish zlotys)
Price per person per month,
including the Internet
(in Polish zlotys)
AMOR Single room
(for students with disabilities)
355 380
Double room (for students with disabilities) 355 380
Triple room 300 325
BABILON Double room 410 435
FEMINA Single room in a 5-person segment 540 565
Double room 455 480
Signle room
(for students with disabilities)
450 475
GRZEŚ Double room 360 385
Triple room 300 325
HELIOS Single room (for single parents) 365 390
Double room (smaller) 370 395
Double room (larger) 385 410
IKAR   Single room (for single parents) 365 390
Double room (smaller) 370 395
Double room (larger) 385 410
JOWISZ Double room 430 455
Triple room 400 425



Single room 380 405
Double room 315 340
Triple room 280 305



Single room 640  
Double room 430  
* Zana dormitory is located outside UMCS main campus. It's located closer to the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Spatial Management




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