Language proficiency certification

Students of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University are required to demonstrate their language proficiency in their special subject(s) at a level corresponding to at least:

  1. CEFR B2  level – in the case of first degree studies;
  2. CEFR B2+ level – in the case of second degree studies;
  3. CEFR B2+ level – in the case of continuous master’s degree studies.

In all the above mentioned cases, the students’ proficiency has to be officially certified by the University Board for Language Proficiency Certification – in accordance with the regulations of the Higher Education Law. The Members of the Board are as follows:

Małgorzata Chmielewska, M.A. – Chair
Ewa Orłowska, M.A. – responsible for English          
Barbara Zięba, M.A. – responsible for English          
Ewa Sadowska-Wolska, M.A. – responsible for French & Italian          
Magdalena Jankiewicz-Steinbrich, M.A. – responsible for Spanish
Anna Borsuk, M.A. – responsible for German         
Lucyna Kulas, M.A. – responsible for Russian
Maria Borciuch, Ph.D. – responsible for Ukrainian          
Ireneusz Chomiuk, Ph.D.– responsible for Swedish          
Tomas Typovsky, M.A. – responsible for Czech


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