Essential information

Important terms:

A foreigner / non-Polish citizen – a person who does not have Polish citizenship

NIP (Eng.: Tax ID / VATIN) – a ten-digit number used for identifying tax payers in Poland. It is issued by Treasury Office seated in the applicant’s place of living.

PESEL number – an eleven-digit number identifying a natural person. This number is granted to individuals staying in Poland permanently or temporarily, over three months. The PESEL number is required in numerous situations, e.g. at using health insurance.

NFZ – National Health Fund – a state-owned entity administering financial assets coming from health insurance contributions paid by insured citizens. This organisation provides funding for healthcare and it refunds medicaments.

Registration of residence – process of registering your residence in a municipal/communal office. You can register for permanent or temporary (non-exceeding or exceeding 3 months) residence.

ZUS – Social Insurance Institution: a state-owned institution dealing with social insurance.

Personal ID card – a document confirming its holder’s identity and Polish citizenship

Residence Card – document authorising a non-Polish citizen to stay, live, and work in the Republic of Poland.

Polish Charter (Karta Polaka) – a document confirming that its holder belongs to the Polish nation. This document can be given to non-Polish citizens or individuals who do not have permit to reside permanently in Poland but declare that they belong to the Polish nation and fulfil certain conditions stipulated in the Act.

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